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Rummy 500 Tips

Tips And Tricks Of Rummy 500

Rummy 500 is one of the most popular games amongst the genre of the rummy games. Rummy 500 can be played amongst two to eight players. All the pack of 52 cards along with jokers is used in the game. Face value card have points equivalent to face value. Jack, queen and king have 10 points each .Ace and joker are 15 points each. As usual in rummy games you get points here for cards melded and loose for unmelded cards when someone walks away with the totaled meld.

In case you do not know what meld is in rummy 500 terms? A meld is a set of cards generally totaling three or four where in you have cards in sequential order of same suit, for example a two, three, four, five of clubs or it can be a set of cards of the same value or rank .There is a concept of laying off in rummy 500 also where in you can add and extend somebody else’s booked meld on meld on the table. For instance in a sequential meld of cards like five, six, seven of hearts you can always add a four heart or eight heart in order to lay off. On the other hand you can also add to a lot of same ranked cards for example you can layoff a heart nine to a lot of spade, diamond, club nines booked on table.

Joker’s role is fairly weird in rummy 500, it can take up the value for any card in the lot and its value is decided by the bearer. In Rummy 500 Usually person to the left of dealer starts the ball rolling to be taken over clockwise. Each player gets in seven to ten cards. Player starts by drawing a card from stockpile of unrevealed cards or from discarded lot depending on his will. If he goes back to some card in the discarded lot he has to play it immediately in a meld or pick up rest above it. He may also use any other card picked for melding. Player must always end his turn by discarding a card which is to be revealed onto the table.

Any player can call rummy on any card he notices it to his use and play card to his use. If a player does not discard any card the play continues as usual. He only can only wait for his own turn next time .On the next turn he draws uses it or discards it face down. Total Scores in rummy 500 are usually counted by totally adding up all your melds, layoffs on your melds as well as other people’s meld and subtract the value of cards left with you. After all these positive as well as negative scores are also awarded .The player to have scored 500 first wins .In case two make it above 500 value mark the larger score wins.

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